New shopping center in Stuttgart, No.II: Milaneo

After the opening of the Gerber two weeks ago, Stuttgart celebrated another shopping temple today: The Milaneo.  It is located behind the main station, right next to the public library.


There was already a crowd of people waiting in front of the entrance when I walked past the shopping center in the morning.


Of course I was quite curious so I had to visit the Milaneo during my lunch break. There were hundreds of people but it didn’t look that crowded at first sight cause the area is huge.



But it was way to crowded to have a look into the shops so I just strolled through the center to get a first impression.






Well, quite fancy. When it comes to the look of the shopping center, I like the shiny Milaneo more than the concrete-chic Gerber. And between the 200 shops there are of course some brands that are new to Stuttgart.



And right, there’s Primark…


I’m not a big fan of Primark after all I read on the news within the last weeks. But according to the crowd lining up in front of the shop, waiting to be allowed inside, I’m afraid not many people care that much…


That brings me to the few people, that weren’t very impressed with the opening of another shopping center in Stuttgart…


Yep, there were protests against the cheap shops at Milaneo as well.

It was quite an interesting lunch break, I can tell you that much guys. I have to come back in a few days, when things have calmed down a bit, and have a closer look at the shops.

Has anybody been shopping at Milaneo today? What are your favorite shops and which center do you like better, Milaneo or Gerber?  Let me know, I’m curious!


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