New shopping center, No. 1: Gerber

Guys, this autumn will be veeeeery expensive. But at least, you will have a huge choice of new shops where you want to loose all your money as two new shopping centers open their gates in Stuttgart within two weeks. Today, the “Gerber” was open for the public and of course I had to have a look.


The Gerber is located close to Stadtmitte, at the intersection of Sofienstraße and Marienstraße. It has three floors and 86 shops and restaurants.


I have to admit , I am not to sure what to think of the new shopping centers in the heart of Stuttgart. So I was quite skeptic when I entered Gerber today. But I have to admit it offers some shops we don’t have in Stuttgart so far. One of them is Brandy Melville, which I think I could like quite a lot… Smiley


Selfie @ Brandy’s!!! Smiley


I liked their relaxed atmosphere and styles.


Than there is one brand I know from the US already. I have never really found anything there but I always like to have a look:

Urban Outfitters


Again, they had nothing for me and as usual I saw some cloths that made me wonder…



… but hey, that’s Urban Outfitters how I know it Zwinkerndes Smiley

Than there was this shop called ELB which I really liked and will definitely visit again soon.


Their store concept is very lofty and open which I liked a lot and the cloths they had on display were relaxed but special.


OK, they had some weird stuff as well…


…but I couldn’t resist and bought a T-Shirt:


What a wise T-Shirt, hum? Smiley

After I’ve had a look in all the shops, I felt like something sweet. I visited “Kayak Greek Frozen Yoghurt” and had a “Perfectly Small” cup of perfectly nice Frozen Yoghurt.


They really serve pure Greek Yoghurt and you can choose between different toppings and types of flavors of Greek Yoghurt, one sweetened with Stevia and thus without sugar.



Kayak is a franchise frozen yoghurt bar from Greece and this is the first store in Germany. The yoghurt and pastries are delivered from Greece directly whereas the ham and sausages for the paninis originate from Spain.

I know all this because I had a nice chat with the lovely owners Christos Maletskidis and Emmanuel Bariotis Smiley


OK, this much about the first new shopping center, the Gerber. They do have some nice shops and new brands there so go check them out for yourselves. Smiley And now I am curious what the Milaneo has to offer in two weeks!

More information about:

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