Taking the railway through Stuttgart’s loveliest park

Guys, is there anything better than reviving childhood memories? When I was a child, my grandma took me to Höhenpark Killesberg every now and then and bought us tickets for the tiny railway they have up there. And a little while ago, I totally felt like taking that train again!

It was one of those rare sunny weekends and my friend Cathy and I decided to spend Saturday afternoon at Killesberg park. Killesberg is a public park (no entrance fees!) of around 120 acres in the north of Stuttgart. It was build in 1939 when the horticultural show took place. You might remember Killesberg from  one of my articles in 2013 where I visited the new quarter “Think K”. But this time, we were not there for the architecture but for the beautiful flowers and – of course – the train!

We took a stroll through the park first and enjoyed the the sun and the flowers:


Killesberg_flowers2.jpg  Killesberg_flowers4.jpg


The contest of the most beautiful dahlia is taking place at the moment.


killesberg_dahlia4.jpg  killesberg_dahlia7.jpg


killesberg_dahlia6.jpg  killesberg_dahlia1.jpg


Until October 10th you can vote for your favorite flower.


And on October 12th, you can purchase a bouquet of dahlias for a good cause. The money raised on that day will be donated.

We headed on and paid the goats and ponies of the petting zoo a visit…

killesberg_goat1.jpg  killesberg_goat2.jpg

killesberg_horse1.jpg  killesberg_pony1.jpg

…said “hi” to the flamingos (Yep, flamingos. In a park in Stuttgart. Anymore questions? Smiley)


…and arrived at Eliszi’s fun fair theatre (Eliszi’s Jahrmarkttheater), an historical fun fair that also holds a tent for theatre performances.




Cute, hum? Smiley I can’t visit a fun fair without buying Magenbrot, a typical German gingerbread-like cookie. It translates literally into “stomach-bread” which actually sounds quite gross – but it tastes great, believe me!


We finally arrived at the railway station.


OF COURSE they don’t have a huge railway in the park but a 15-inch narrow-gauge one and two steam and two diesel locomotives. And after more than 20 years, I was back on track:


Wohooooo! Awesome train ride! Two thumbs up. If only my granny could have been with us.

P1090971  P1090974


The name of our little train was Schwoabapfeil by the way, which translates into ” Swabian arrow”…

After this, uhm… “wild” ride on our “arrow” we decided to take it easy and went over to the “Valley of the Roses” (Tal der Rosen).

P1110079  P1110081

This is where the city of Stuttgart offers free yoga classes in summer – and where they have sun beds on the grass.

Is there a better way to end a lovely day than watching the sun go down on a sun bed in a beautiful park with a good old friend? Smiley


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