Last stop: Denver, Colorado

Well, everything has to come to an end, I guess. This is also true for our 5 weeks trip from Seattle to Denver. Because now, we have arrived in Denver… well, not without stopping at Buffalo Bills Grave on the way. Here it is:


OK, back to Denver Smiley

We arrived there around noon and had thus half a day to explore the Mile High City. That’s how we walked:

We started at the Capitol, …


…checked out the art museum and the artworks in front of it…


P1080708   P1080710

…walked down 16th street, the Mall of Denver with lots of shops and restaurants…


..until we arrived at South Platte River. We walked along the river until we found a place where locals where swimming and even floating in rapids… in the middle of a city!?! Well, that’s special! Smiley

denver_river1.jpg  denver_river2.jpg

We headed back to 16th street to have dinner at 5280 Burger Bar.

denver_burger2.jpg  denver_burgers1.jpg

On the way back to our hotel, we quickly said “Hi” to the curious blue bear, looking through the windows of Denver Convention Center…

Hi, bear! Smiley


Well, and that was it. But what a great trip it was! We’re at the airport right now, waiting for our plane. And I will use the remaining time, clicking through the articles I wrote for this blog about our great holiday. Thanks for following, guys! See you in Stuttgart! Smiley


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