Canyonlands National Park – the small brother of Grand Canyon – and Dead Horse Point State Park

Next to Arches National Park there is another great park you can visit when staying in Moab: Canyonlands National Park.


Canyonlands is apparently the largest national park in Utah and offers a great variety of scenic highlight and natural beauty. One of them is definitely Mesa Arch.



With the view in the background, for me Mesa Arch was the most beautiful arch I have seen in the area. It must be stunning visiting it during sunrise or sunset, the colors must be amazing.

And did  I mention the view?


Next to the arch, there are the canyons. I liked the lookout at Grand View Point the most. Here you can also walk along the rim for one mile and enjoy the view from different perspectives.


canyonlands_view_point1.jpg    P1070932

canyonlands_view_point3.jpg    P1070962


And there is also Green River Overlook that offers great views:

canyonlands_green_river2.jpg    canyonlands_green_river1.jpg


A very special sight is Upheaval Dome. It’s a crater with lots of salt in the middle:

P1070987    P1070989


It is still an unsolved mystery what created this crater. Geologists debate whether  it was the impact of an meteorite or an ancient salt lake… Either way, it looks very special.

Then you can find places that proof that humans have lived in this area a a long time ago. At Aztec Butte you can still see well preserved stone storages. And the hike up there is also very nice.

canyonlands_aztec_butt1.jpg    canyonlands_aztec_butt2.jpg

canyonlands_aztec_butt3.jpg    canyonlands_aztec_butt4.jpg

Canyonlands National Park is a very beautiful park and I can highly recommend visiting it when you’re in the area. I have to admit, I liked it even better than Arches National Park.

On the way back from the park to Moab, we drove through Dead Horse Point State Park. The park is actually very small but it is famous for it’s view of the Colorado River. And here it is:


OK, it is a nice view, but 10 Dollar entrance fee is a bit too much in my opinion. Wouldn’t include it into our travel itinerary next time… Smiley


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