Back in Vegas!

Well guys, what can I say? We couldn’t resist. We’re back in Las Vegas!


Those of you who follow my blog for some time might know that Moritz and I got married in Vegas in 2012 so this crazy city will always be very special to us. And even though we tried not to include it into our trip this time, we ended up here Smiley.

It was our third visit to Vegas and we did – I have to put it like that Zwinkerndes Smiley – “the usual”… Smiley mit geöffnetem MundIf you want to read more about my top five things to do when in Vegas, check out my article about our last visit in 2013. In order not to repeat myself too much, I will make this a quick, photo based post.

For us, “the usual” Vegas program means…

-enjoying our hotel pool (we were staying at Tropicana again)


-walking up and down the strip and visiting different hotels


vegas_venician1.jpg    vegas_venician2.jpg


-spending one morning in Red Rock Canyon (it just get’s too hot after 11 am!)


vegas_red_rock2.jpg    vegas_red_rock3.jpg


vegas_red_rock5.jpg    vegas_red_rock6.jpg

-enjoying some of the free evening entertainment programs of Vegas (my favorite are definitely the fountains of Bellagio! Could watch them forever!)

Volcano in front of Mirage Hotel:               Lake of Dreams at Wynn:

vegas_volcano_mirage.jpg    vegas_wynn_lake_dreams.jpg

The fountains at Bellagio:


-gambling a bit and winning (whole 26 Dollars!! Wooohoooo!)


Aaaaaah, I love Vegas! Smiley


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