Yellowstone – the greatest zoo on earth! :-)

Yellowstone National Park has ever been a dream destination for me. So being able to visit this very special park now during our trip was definitely a highlight.


Yellowstone is known for it’s rich wildlife, the famous waterfalls and of course for it’s geysers. Moritz and I were mainly interested in the wildlife but also very keen on seeing the natural beauty.

On our first day we entered the park through the North entrance and it’s old arch.


Our plan was to visit Lamar Valley on this day because it is known for the amount of animals you can observe there. And guys, what can I say, this is what we saw, it felt like being in a zoo – only 100 times more exciting!



yellowstone_deer4.jpg    yellowstone_deer5.jpg







yellowstone_bison2.jpg    yellowstone_bison3.jpg

-black bear


-and one of the secret stars of the park: a grey wolf!


-however, I have to say my favorite wildlife encounter was when we drove around a corner and suddenly, a coyote was right next to us, looked into our car and crossed the street in front of us. He was so close. It was amazing.


For me, Lamar Valley is definitely the best part of Yellowstone. I have never seen so many wild animals on one day. Seriously a very special experience.

On the second day, we visited the geysers – well, of course not all of them, but a nice selection. There were my favorites:

  • Mammoth Hot Springs



  • West Thumb Geyser Basin (where you find lot’s of different, very beautiful geysers – some of them even under water!)


yellowstone_west_thump_geyser_basin2.jpg    yellowstone_west_thump_geyser_basin5.jpg



Two of the main attractions are the geyser Old Faithful and Grand Prismatic Spring. When it comes to Old Faithful I have to say seeing it erupt is of course interesting but you have to share the experience with hundreds of other people.

yellowstone_old_faithful3.jpg    yellowstone_old_faithful2.jpg

And I found the eruptions of other, smaller geysers not less impressive:

P1060874    P1060967

To tell you the truth, I wouldn’t visit Old Faithful next time.

And as much as I love pictures of Grand Prismatic Spring from above…


…you can’t see the colors right when you walk up to it because the foot path is not elevated but on the ground:


The only colorful picture I got is this:


But maybe this was due to the weather as it became very cloudy while we were visiting the spring…

yellowstone_grand_prismatic_spring1.jpg    yellowstone_grand_prismatic_spring2.jpg

Next to the wildlife and the geysers we were keen to see the upper and lower falls of Yellowstone River:

yellowstone_falls2.jpg    yellowstone_falls1.jpg

yellowstone_falls6.jpg   P1060699

Obvious where the name YELLOWstone is coming from, right? Smiley


Yellowstone is truly the most amazing national park I’ve ever been to. And from this natural paradise, this tranquil piece of earth in the middle of nowhere we drove to what could be called the antipode of Yellowstone. Can you guess what our next destination was?

While you let your brains work a bit on this, I leave you with a nice recipe, I found next to a geyser called Mud Pot:


That’s what it’s supposed to look like:

P1060951    P1060953

Have fun and let me know what it tastes like (and where you got the volcanic heat from…) Zwinkerndes Smiley!

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