Snow, wildlife and lakes at Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is located right at the boarder to Canada.


With it’s Canadian counterpart, the Waterton Lakes National Park, these two parks form the first International Peace Park.

We had two days in Glacier NP and one could say we experienced all the seasons during our stay. When we arrived, we drove to the eastside of the park first in order to visit Two Medicine Lake. When we arrived it was snowing…


We were not quite prepared for that, clothingwise… So we sat in the car for a few minutes, wondering what to do. Then we tried hiking a bit but gave up after ten minutes because it was just too cold. So we decided to drive back to the westside, where we were staying. On the way around the park, we passed a point called Goat Lick Overlook. Wild mountain goats can be seen here frequently because the cliffs contain a lot of minerals the animals need. So they lick the stones – that’s where the name for this place is coming from Smiley And we were lucky! There was not only one goat on the cliff right in front of us…


on the other side of the highway, up in the mountains were several goats, looking down on us:


This was the first time we saw mountain goats so you can imagine how happy and pleased we were Smiley.

We spent the afternoon driving the unpaved road along the westside of the park towards Polebridge as the lovely owner of the cabins where we were staying had told us, bears and elks roam this area frequently. However, the goats remained the only wildlife we saw that day, but we don’t complain Smiley.

On our second day, we did some hiking. We did several hikes on that day but my two main hiking trails in Glacier National Park are definitely Avalanche Lake Trailhead and Forest and Fire Nature Trail.

Avalanche Lake Trailhead starts at Avalanche Creek, a bit above Lake McDonald, and is a short (2 miles one-way) hike along a river, through forest up to Avalanche Lake.

glacier_lake_avalanche1.jpg    glacier_lake_avalanche2.jpg



This area is known for it’s avalanches and you can see the broken trees while hiking through the forest.


We were quite early on this hike so we had the lake to ourselves and enjoyed the calm, silent atmosphere. On the other hand, it was a bit spooky to hike alone through the forest while knowing that bears (black and grizzly bears!) roam this area… Don’t get me wrong, I love wildlife, but when it comes to bears I prefer observing them from within a car…

Forest and Fire Nature Trail is another easy hike at the western boarder of the national park. You find yourself walking through young trees because a fire had burned the old forest a few years ago. Be bear-aware in this area, too!


glacier_fire_trail1.jpg    glacier_fire_trail3.jpg

In the afternoon, we walked a little while along the shore of Lake McDonald and enjoyed the view:



And OF COURSE we saw some more wildlife on this day, too. Smiley Lots of deer…


P1060231    P1060326

And a bear, just the way I like it: while sitting in our safe car! Smiley mit geöffnetem Mund


When you visit Glacier National Park, try to stay at Glacier General Store and Cabins! The cabins are comfy and the owner knows a lot about the area as he is a wildlife photographer as well. Plus they are very nice people! Smiley

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