My top 10 things to do when in Vancouver

Vancouver is such a beautiful city! Moritz and I have spend the last six days there – and we wouldn’t mind to spend many, many more days Smiley. We really love this place. So here are my top ten highlights you shouldn’t miss when visiting Vancouver:

1. Walk!

When you want to visit Downtown Vancouver, don’t worry about a  bus or anything, just walk! You experience this city way better by walking. In Downtown, everything’s nearby and easy to reach.

2. Stanley Park

Downtown Vancouver is located on an peninsula, and half of this peninsula consists of Stanley Park. In my opinion the most beautiful park on earth. It was opened 1888 and has preserved 400 hectares of ancient rainforest ever since. You can spend a whole day in Stanley Park (or nearly two days, as Moritz and I did Smiley) by wandering around and relaxing. When visiting the park, make sure you…

  • walk along the seawall, an 8,8 km long road around the park and along the water – and enjoy the skyline of Vancouver. Or even better, run, bike or skate along the seawall, as many locals do!



  • visit Beaver Lake with its beautiful water lilies

vancouver_beaver_lake1.jpg    vancouver_beaver_lake2.jpg

  • walk around Lost Lagoon

vancouver_lost_lagoon1.jpg    vancouver_lost_lagoon2.jpg

  • spot some wildlife. Here’s what we saw (pretty amazing for a city, hum?!):







  • check out the Totem Poles


  • have a picnic

P1080951    P1050914

  • walk through the ancient rain forest


  • have fun (no matter what age Smiley)



  • and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere!


3. Canada Place

This building was created for the 1986 Expo. The white spices on top symbolize sails. Nowadays, it serves as the landing dock for big cruise liners.



4. Granville Island

This little peninsula is a world of its own. The heart of Grandville Island is the pubic market (which reminds me a lot of our Markhalle back home in Stuttgart, actually Zwinkerndes Smiley).


The loveliest way to get there from Downtown is taking a watertaxi.


Moritz and I spend a few hours vising many of the boutiques, shops and the market hall.


And of course, Granville is a great place to have lunch Smiley But be careful when sitting outside. We saw a seagull stealing a huge slice of pizza from the table right next to us! However, we managed to defend our burgers just fine!


5. Yaletown and English Bay

Those two Quarters are located in south west of Vancouver. Yaletown is apparently quite “in” at the moment. Here you find the BC Place Stadium…


…and the Library (which looks a lot like the Colosseum in Rome):

vancouver_library1.jpg    vancouver_library2.jpg

And English Bay is right at the water and offers lovely beaches.

vancouver_english_bay2.jpg    vancouver_english_bay3.jpg


6. Gastown

Gastown is the birthplace of Vancouver. Here “Gassy” Jack Deighton opened his Globe Saloon which became the heart of the settlement, that rose up around it. Before Vancouver got it’s official name in 1886, the settlement was called “Gastown”.


This is also the quarter where you find the famous steam clock. But don’t be fooled, it may look old but apparently it was build in 1977!


7. Grouse Mountain

Grouse Mountain lies just behind Vancouver and can be called the “playground” of the locals. They go skiing there in winter and hiking in summer. Moritz and I didn’t make it up the mountain this time, but you always need something to come back for, right Zwinkerndes Smiley !

8. Vancouver Aquarium

Vancouver Aquarium is not only worth a visit on a rainy day. It really is a great Aquarium! We have visited it during our last stay in Vancouver a few years ago. My personal highlights were the beautiful Beluga Whales and the playful Sea Otters!

9. Museum of Anthropology

Located on the grounds of the University of British Columbia, this museum holds a great variety of Totem Poles and other Tribal artworks.

vancouver_moa1.jpg    vancouver_moa2.jpg


10. Eating Poutine


Yes, I hear you scream right now, you Canada-insiders. Poutine is NOT from Vancouver, it originates from Quebec. However, when in Canada, one must try Poutine!

And yes, I hear you scream too, you gourmets, wondering what the hell this should be. Well, let me introduce you a Canadian dish, you should know: Poutine consists of French Fries, topped with cheese and gravy. You see, the best of the best unites here to form a feast for the taste buds, you will never forget. Be brave. Try it! Smiley


Our six days in Vancouver flew by and we can’t believe that it’s time to say goodbye already. But we pack our bags with a crying and a laughing eye (OK, that’s only true for me, Moritz is sitting in the corner, crying his heart out at the moment ;-P)) as new adventures await us as we are travelling on, back into the US. The next highlight on our trip will be Yellowstone National Park. But even the drive through Washington, Idaho and Montana will be great, I’m sure of it!

Talk to you in a few days! See you, guys Smiley


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