Vampires, rainforest and the pacific ocean

After we had spend two nice days in Seattle, we took off for new adventures. Our next destination was the Olympic National Park.


And as the Olympic National Park is famous for it’s ancient rainforest, the weather did it’s best to meet the expectations… It was raining the whole day. We entered the park from the south in order to visit Lake Quinault first. We did some of the smaller hikes, like the Kestner Homestead Trail and the Rain Forest Nature Trail for example. From the first time we entered I was stunned by the old, giant trees. And by how green everything was!


What I loved most were the mossy beards the trees were carrying…


So beautiful.

In this forest, everything seemed to be a bit oversized, even the insects…


…and the clover…!


We made our way up north along the coastline. We stopped for most of the beaches (South Beach, Beach 1-4 and Ruby Beach) but as it was pouring now, beachwalking was not that much fun…




We arrived in Forks, where we were staying for two nights, in the afternoon. So there was enough time left for some – you might guess it already – Twilight location spotting!! Smiley mit geöffnetem Mund Yep, I admit it, I inhaled the books. Team Edward by the way. Ever was, ever will be. So for everybody who’s interested, here are some pics of Twilight related spots in and around Forks (everybody else, just scroll down a bit… Smiley)

Bella’s car (in front of the visitor center)


Forks High school

forks_twilight3.jpg    forks_twilight2.jpg

The Treaty Line


La Push (first beach and the cliffs where the Wolf Pack and later Bella went cliff diving)


You can say what you want, I think it is quite cute that the people of Forks play along with the role they found themselves thrown into by providing “Bella’s” car and the Treaty Line.

OK, enough Vampire romance, let’s talk about the Nature Park again.

On our second day, we headed up to the Hoh Rain Forest. Here we found the mossiest phone booth ever…


…and some more very nice hiking trails through the stunning rain forest. We started with the “Hall of Mosses” Trail were we did not only see a lot of moss…


olympic_park13.jpg    olympic_park14.jpg

olympic_park15.jpgolympic_park16.jpg    olympic_park17.jpg

… but also – be careful, play on words!! –  moose… Smiley


The second trail we did, the Spruce Trail, was equally beautiful and we were lucky enough to get some sun!



olympic_park19.jpg    olympic_park21.jpg

After such beautiful morning hikes, we hopped into our car again and drove to Sol Duc. The only unfortunate thing about Olympic National Park is, that the main road circles the park and there is no connection through the middle. So it takes very long to get from one sight to the next. However, this is only unfortunate for tourists, for the ancient forest, it’s a relieve that no streets are cut through the heart of the park and the areas, that are accessible for humans, are very limited.

When we arrived at the parking area, it rained again and was very foggy. We decided to walk only to the Sol Duc Waterfall and back. However, it was still worth the visit:




Next stop: La Push and the beaches around.

La Push itself is not really worth a visit. The same is true for First Beach. Our highlights were Rialto Beach



… and Third Beach:




Today, we said goodbye to Olympic National Park and headed north. But we didn’t leave without stopping at Lake Crescent


…and walking the 1.5 miles loop to the Marymere Falls: Lovely little track with some bridges, a river and – obviously – a waterfall Smiley!


olympic_park36.jpg    olympic_park32.jpgolympic_park34.jpg


I really fell in love with the Olympic rain forest, I have to say. I’ve been to some rainforests before, e.g. in Southeast Asia, Australia and Canada, but for me, Olympic was by far the most impressive, most beautiful one.

Have you ever visited the Olympic rain forest? And what do you think about Forks, the home of Twilight? Feel free to share your thoughts  Smiley

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