My favorite Mineral Bath

As I’ve just read that the sunny weather will leave us this weekend, I decided it’s time to introduce you to my most favorite Mineral Bath. Whenever I’m feeling stressed or the bad weather is annoying me, I visit Mineraltherme Böblingen.



The water stems from a spring which is located 775 meter deep. It’s full of minerals and other stuff that makes you feel good and relaxed.

You can choose between two outdoor and three indoor pools.

DSC_0080 bearbeitet Rosen vor gr. Aussenbecken und Kuppel

Picture: Mineralbad Böblingen

DSC_0118 bearbeitet Saunagarten mit gelben Schirmen und Zwiebelblüten

Picture: Mineralbad Böblingen

DSCN0787b gr. Innenbecken mit Wasserfontäne im Gegenlicht [H]

Picture: Mineralbad Böblingen

None of them is colder than 31 degrees Celsius and my favorite one is the small one next to the exit to the outdoor pool, where they have pool noodles and play music. You just lay on the noodle and float in the warm water… AWESOME! Smiley

Moreover, you can visit several saunas and  a steam bath. And if you upgrade your stay, there is a even bigger part only for sauna guests. But I have to admit, I’ve never been in there. I am totally fine with the five pools and sauna/steam bath section that are included in the normal entrance fee.

If you are like me and get hungry every time you spend time in the water, I can recommend the restaurant “Mimaris”. They serve fantastic food.

So if it’s true and winter’s coming back this weekend, you know where you can warm up now Smiley.

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