My ayurvedic Panchakarma treatment in India

Hello friends and belated happy new year 2014! I hope you have enjoyed the guests posts here on the blog the last two weeks. I just came back from India last weekend, where I had tried an ayurvedic Panchakarma treatment. I’ve never done such a treatment before but I’ve read quite a bit about Ayurveda last year. And as 2013 has been very exhausting, I decided to give it a go Smiley


If you’ve never heard of Ayurveda or Panchakarma, let me explain it to you quickly:

Ayurveda is an old medicine tradition from India. In this tradition, three elements, called Doshas, are responsible for our well-being: Vatha, Pitta and Kapha. Everybody is born with his or her own specific combination of Vatha, Pitta and Kapha. However, if the level of the Doshas is not balanced, we don’t feel well or even become sick. This happens for example because of external influences like unhealthy eating habits or stress. A Panchakarma treatment helps to bring the Doshas in the right balance again. It’s a way of eliminating toxics from the body with the help of massages and the intake of ayurvedic medicine.

Got it? Great! Smiley Then let me tell you about my Panchakarma treatment at the Kadaltheeram Ayurvedic Beach Resort.


Kadaltheeram is a small resort close to Varkala in the state of Kerala in the very south of India.  The main building offers only 12 rooms, so the atmosphere is very relaxed and you feel like home very soon.



As mentioned, I stayed for two weeks, which is the minimum amount of time you should invest. Better would be three or even four weeks.

When I arrived, I had a bad jet-lag. So I spent the first day mainly in bed, occasionally being woken up by lovely Hashim from the reception (who’s by the way the heart of the resort, he helps you with everything!) when it was time for breakfast, lunch or dinner. But I also had my first consultation with Dr. Honey and my very first ayurvedic 1.5 hours massage!Smiley


Dr. Honey and his wife Dr. Daisy plan the treatments for the guests and meet up for consultations with everybody every day. I felt in very good hands.

On the next day, I could participate in every activity, the resort offers in order to support the treatment. I participated in the yoga class at 7 am with the wonderful Sunil Kumar.



Sunil is quite a famous yoga teacher and even a book based on his thoughts and experiences exists: Guruji and his Pearls of Wisdom (English Edition) (Affiliate link) by Anji Pink. Haven’t read it so far but took it home with me Smiley

After yoga, I had breakfast with the other guest in the lofty restaurant, overlooking the resort and the ocean.


Ayurvedic breakfast is always warm, sometimes sweet, sometimes salty. And at Kadaltheeram, they always serve fresh fruits, too. I loved it!


After breakfast it was time for my morning treatment. The first days I got a head massage followed by some earthly paste in my hair, wrapped up in a banana leaf to cool down my head and thus, me. It worked Smiley



With the leaf on the head, I relaxed a bit in the garden.



And then it was time for lunch. Lunch and dinner is organized as a buffet with several clay bowls, offering different dishes. Little signs indicate which dish supports Vatha, Kapha or Pitta.

In the afternoon, I had some more time for myself plus my 1.5 hours treatment! Aaaaaaawesome! Smiley Meet my lovely therapist Aria:


She and my other therapist, Chriss, are just the loveliest girls you ever met. I miss them already.

At seven, all the guest are invited to join 30 minutes of meditation with Sunil before dinner starts at 7:30 am.


What a day, right? And all the other days followed this rhythm! There was nothing I had to do, nothing to worry about, just the sound of the ocean, the cries of the eagles and the sun shining down at me.


Aaaaaawesome!! SmileyAnd the best: you could go to bed at 8:30 or 9:00 am and nobody looked at you and wondered!! Smiley mit geöffnetem Mund Heaven on earth guys, I tell you!!!

This extremely relaxing rhythm only changed twice: On Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.

The team of Kadaltheeram did a great job organizing special events for the two special nights.

On Christmas Eve, we first watched a traditional Kathakali performance,  a dance drama that originates from Kerala. It took the artists hours to put on the the make-up and to get into their costumes.








After the performance, a huge buffet awaited us. And the management even organized a trip to a catholic church for everybody interested, where we could join a mass.






On New Years Eve, a traditional band played their instruments for us for one hour before we enjoyed another amazing buffet.






After that, we had a party together with the whole team. And at midnight, the management had even organized fireworks to welcome the new year. It was a great night! Smiley



I left the resort only a few times because I wanted to concentrate on the treatment. But it wouldn’t be me if I could do without some sightseeing and exploration of the surrounding area Smiley

But about this, I will tell you in my next post, so stay tuned!

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