Living in… Brussels

Hi, my name is Emilie, I’m French, 28, and I’ve been living in Brussels for a little more than two years now, which I enjoy every day! On the one hand, the Belgium’s capital city is a lively, international and multicultural city. On the other hand, it is also a peaceful, rather small and calm city, which makes it charming. And Brussels is not only the capital of Europe; it is also a major city for chocolate, beer, comics and last but not least, Art Nouveau!

So, here are my favourite places for these different specialties!:

In the quarter called “Le Sablon”, you will find the finest chocolates ever. The creations of the chocolatiers having their shops there mostly equal masterpieces. Even if you don’t buy anything, it is worth seeing the shop windows. A small tipp by the way: buying chocolates in small bags is generally much cheaper than in boxes and it is almost always possible to ask for it, even if there are only boxes on display. One of my favourite chocolate shops is “Passion Chocolat”, which sells various delicious chocolates that are both fine and generous. A few steps further you will find Comics Café, a nice place for comics lovers, combining a restaurant, a bar and a bookshop. Besides the chocolates, Brussels is also famous for its waffles. The best ones are sold in the small yellow trucks. Thanks to their great smell they are easy to find! Hmmm….


It’s very easy in Brussels to enjoy Belgian beer: most of the bars and restaurants have several sorts on their menu, generally the most famous ones. But there are some places where you can taste a broader range of beer sorts in a nice environment. The bar “La Porte Noire” is one of them. A nice place in a vaulted cellar where students like to meet in the evening. In Moeder Lambic (place Fontainas) the room is not so nice, yet there are hundreds of beer varieties and the waiters will be glad to inform you. Located in the very central St Géry quarter, the Zebra bar is also well supplied; in summer and winter alike, this bar is a pleasant rallying point. Here’s also a very good small restaurant that offers delicious Belgian specialties, including beers: Les Brassins.

To digest, a small walk around the Flagey lakes allows to discover some of the many Art Nouveau frontages of the city and is very pleasant anyway. If you like Art Nouveau, don’t miss the Musée Horta or the Maison Autrique, and if you’re in Schaerbeek, just have a look at the Avenue Louis Bertrand and its beautiful houses. And to end your thematic journey, go to the Ultieme Hallucinatie. It’s certainly not the best place to eat and drink but the interior decoration is exceptional.


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