All my bags are packed…

…I’m ready to go…


While everybody around me is getting ready for Christmas, I’m ready for India. As I mentioned before, I will spend the coming two weeks in India, doing an Ayurveda treatment at Kadaltheeram Ayurvedic Beach Resort. I’m so excited!

In the meantime, this blog won’t be abandoned. Even though I won’t take my computer with me this time (it’s kind of against the idea of Ayurveda to work while you’re doing the treatment Smiley) you will find interesting articles on this website. Some lovely friends of mine, who live in very different places and event continents, will share some insider information about their hometowns with you! So stay tuned for a tour through Palma de Mallorca, great spots in Sydney and an insider view to Brusseles!

All that’s left to say for me now is merry Christmas guys and a happy new year 2014! See you again at the beginning of January. And then I will share with you my experiences in India. Smiley

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