My personal highlights 2013

When the year comes to an end, everybody starts to look back at what has happened in the last 12 months. That’s what I did yesterday on a long car ride and – tatatataaaa –  here’s what I came up with:

My personal top 5 highlights 1013

5. Getting to know some new nice locations in Stuttgart

I love getting to know new places in Stuttgart. And sharing them with you guys is one of the main intentions of this blog. This year, I became a huge fan of Café Galao and Café Chiquilin. You should check out these places, too. It’s definitely worth it. I’ve also spend some time at Höhenpark Killesberg in 2013. Mainly because I tried the free yoga classes, the city of Stuttgart offers at Tal der Rosen during summer. Can’t wait until I can go there again next year.

Singer-Sonwriter Synje Norland at the Galao in StuttgartYoga at "Sport im Park" at Killesberg, StuttgartChiquilin in Stuttgart-West

4. I was on Killesberg stage with Diiiiiiiiieter Thomas Kuhn!

Dieter Thomas Kuhn is an artists you definitely need to know. Either you love what he’s doing or you hate it. There’s nothing in between. He sings German songs, mainly from the 70s, songs we call “Schlager” in German. But he’s doing his own interpretations and in my opinion, that’s hilarious! Smiley I know him since I was 13 – and love him just as long as that. Every year, me and my girlfriends go to one of his concerts in Stuttgart and every year, since we were 13, we dream to go on stage with him (when you’re on stage with him, you can steal some of his fake breast hair!!!… Well, OK, you really need to be a fan to understand the hype about that… Smiley mit geöffnetem Mund) . And this year, in glorious 2013, our dream became reality! All of us (!) were allowed on stage while he was performing “Ti Amo”. But guess what: I was SOOOO nervous and excited, I totally forgot to steal breast hair!!!


3. Awesome trips

We did some great traveling in 2013.

We spend a wonderful winter weekend in Prague. The whole city was covered in white as I’ve never seen it before (and I lived in that beautiful place for quite a while, also during winter…)

In spring, we went to the US for two weeks and drove  from L.A. via Joshua Tree National Park, Vegas and San Diego back to L.A. Such an awesome trip! We could go there again and again and again… Smiley

And not so long ago, we came back from our honeymoon in Australia! These five weeks in Down Under really blew your mind. Such a stunning continent! We flew to Cairns and drove all the way down to Sydney. We’ve spend time at the most beautiful beaches, hiked through lush rainforest and saw some of the stunning, Aussi wildlife… which brings me to highlight No. 2:

Prague Charles BridgeLonely Joshua Treesydney_opera_house4.jpg_thumb.jpg

2. I saw whales jumping!

That was such a fascinating moment, it’s hard to put it in words. We stayed at Jervis Bay, south of Sydney, and did a whale watching tour. There were several whales with calves and we saw the mothers jumping seven times while we were out there. It felt like time was standing still when one of these huge animals lifted itself out of the water in what seemed to be slow motion. Definitely one of my personal highlights – it would have made it to No. 1 if not this event took place in 2013…: Zwinkerndes Smiley


1. Getting married in our backyard to the most wonderful man on earth.

Even though not everything went accordingly to the plan – or maybe exactly because of that – Moritz and I had the most wonderful wedding we could have dreamed of. After our fist location flopped (we wanted to get married at Berghütte Grasgehren in the Allgäu originally) three weeks before our big day, we decided to have the ceremony take place in our backyard. And what a wonderful ceremony it was. Nothing beats getting married at home, I can tell by experience Smiley !

Moritz saying "I do"Listening to Oliver Bisanzwedding photo 2

Yep, that was my 2013. So many things happened, it was fun to browse through the blog an relive it again. How about you? What where your personal highlights 2013?

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