Why I will never forget Jervis Bay, part II

Our second day in Huskisson, Jervis Bay, was cloudy and rainy. But as we like to be outside and are not made out of sugar, we decided to make the most of it. There is a National Park close to Huskission, called  Booderee National Park. And that’s where we went.

In the morning, we hiked on two tracks. At first, we went to the Botanic Gardens and walked around there.




After that, we drove to the end of the park and hiked the Munyunga Waraga Dhugan Trail. This track is around 5 kilometres long and ascends at the beginning until you reach the Governor Head Lookout. This place is famous for spotting whales and observing little penguins, sea eagles and seals. However, we saw nothing 🙁 . We walked along and had some nice views over the countryside…



… and walked underneath huge eucalyptus trees on our way back.





It was quite a nice trail and you can even extend it by walking on an unpaved road to the ruins of St. George Lighthouse, which we didn’t do due to the weather and a lack of enough drinking water.

Before we arrived at the car park, a little path led down to Murrays Beach and even though the weather didn’t suggest a visit at the beach, we decided to go down nevertheless, look for a sheltered place and have lunch.

Best decision EVER! 🙂

We sat down on a branch of a tree and it didn’t take two minutes until we saw dolphins swimming along the beach.



And another couples of minutes later, we saw the whales.




It was a mother with a calf again, swimming right in front of us. We couldn’t believe our eyes when they started jumping again. We dropped our muesli bars and grabbed the video camera and photo camera instead.


And that’s how we spend the beginning of the afternoon: observing our private whales and dolphins splashing around just for the two of us! 😀

Best rainy day EVER! 😉

On our last day, the sun came out again and even though it was quite windy, we decided it’s time for a day dedicated to all these beautiful beaches around us. In the morning, we drove back to Murrays Beach in the  Booderee National Park, where we saw the whales and dolphins the other day. And even though there was no maritime wildlife around this time, we enjoyed the beautiful beach a lot.


Our second stop was the famous Hyams Beach, one of the whitest beaches in the world.





Yep, I can confirm, it is a very beautiful beach!

And in the afternoon, we went back to Huskisson where we are staying and hopped into the water there for some snorkelling.



What can I say, may there be rain or may there be sunshine, Jervis Bay is truly an amazing place.

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