Why I will never forget Jervis Bay, part I

Sometimes nature shows you how small humans are, how unimportant and powerless, but at the same time, you feel blessed and a part of something big. Have you ever had this sensation? I just did, and this was the moment:


I have never seen a whale jumping before. And I never had my heartbeat triple and my jar drop because of something I observed in the nature since I was a child. But while whale watching at Jervis Bay, it happened. I am still thrilled when I write about it! 🙂

But how did we get from Coffs Harbour to Jervis Bay in the first place? Well, New South Wales is experiencing the most severe bushfires in ages at the moment and areas that we had planned to visit have been affected, too. So we decided to change our route – better be safe than sorry, right?!

Instead of going to Port Macquarie, Nelson Bay and the Blue Mountains, we dove nine hours and ended up in Jervis Bay, two hours south of Sydney. But actually, we’re quite happy about it. The whales made up for the exhausting trip. I would have driven down there ten times over to see jumping whales, that’s for sure!

Jervis Bay is apparently a very good spot for whale watching, as the mother whales come here to the shelter of the bay to raise and feed their calves. When we were there, around 20 humpback whales were in the bay. When we found out about that, we decided to give it a try and booked a whale watching tour. It was actually the cheapest tour we saw during our whole trip down the coast (65 $ per person). We went out with a speed boat…


… and saw our first whale within the first five minutes. At first, we only saw their backs…


… then some splashing of the fin…



… until we saw them jumping!



Again and again. I think we counted seven our eight jumps in total. W-O-W!

It seemed like in slow motion when these beautiful creatures lifted their huge bodies out of the water. Seriously, a very, very special moment.

At the end, some tail fin action was going on:



I think the mother whale was teaching its calf how to do certain movements. But, let’s be honest, I think they just had a hell of a time and enjoyed themselves! 🙂 Good on them!


When we came back to the harbour, we were so full of joy, we needed to celebrate this special moment and indulged ourselves with a fresh melon-orange juice, a mango-smoothie and a muffin.


But that was just the beginning our very special whale experiences at Jervis Bay. Stay tuned… 🙂

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