Three towns by the sea

We were driving down the coast the last few days. On the six hour drive from Eungella to Yeppoon, the main attraction we passed was the giant Olympic Torch…


…and unfortunately, it didn’t get any better when we arrived in Yeppoon. We found this sea town rather boring and somewhat run-down.


As there was not much to do in town, we drove to the Bluff Point in order to hike up to the Turtle Lookout. At least this effort got rewarded as we saw some turtles! 😀


bluff_point_turtle_lookout2.jpg Our next stop after Yeppoon was Hervey Bay. Our original plan was to book a whale watching tour as Hervey Bay is THE location for observing humpback whales during this time of the year. Unfortunately, it was very windy when we stayed in Hervey Bay and the boats couldn’t go out. 🙁 Bummer. So we used the day walking along the beach and the veeeeery long Urangang Pier…



(I have honestly never seen a longer pier! This thing is 620 meters long!!)

…visiting the Botanical Garden….


…and relaxing at the pool…


P1050470 By the way, we were staying at the Hervey Bay Colonial Lodge and it’s a really lovely place. Big rooms, full equipped kitchen, close to the sea and the owners are the loveliest people you can think of. They were so helpful finding things for us to do after it was clear we couldn’t go on a whale watching trip!

It ended up being a very nice, relaxed day.

From Hervey Bay, it was another six hours drive to Noosa – but we got entertained by some rounds of highway trivia games:



trivia_game3.jpg  😀 Great idea to keep drivers entertained and thus alive, isn’t it?!

We arrived at our hotel, the Noosa River Palms, before check-in time but again, we had very lovely owners who told us our apartment is already finished and we can move in straight away. And what a nice apartment it is:



And the best: we have a new friend:


His name is Greg and he’s visiting our balcony several times during the day. 😀

We used our first day in Noosa to walk to Noosa Heads and the main beach (we’re staying in Noosa Ville). Yes, you read correctly, we walked. The parking situation in Noosa Heads is so bad that we didn’t find a parking space and gave up after driving around for 20 minutes. It’s a one hour walk from our hotel to the main beach so we were very eager to jump into the ocean for a swim when we finally arrived.


noosa_heads_beach2.jpg However, it was a very stormy day. The waves were quite high and the current very strong. So our swim turned into some sort of body surfing but it was great fun!

On our way back, we met an old acquaintance: Elvis! We think our only guest at our wedding in Vegas in 2012 just flew in to pay us a visit on our honeymoon. How sweet of him! 😉


On the next day we drove to Noosa National Park in the morning (again, there are very few parking spaces available, so better be there in the morning) and did a combination of nearly all the tracks in the park:

noosa_heads_national_park1.jpg We started with the blue Coastal track…


…which was crowded by joggers:


Don’t get me wrong, I like running myself, but on this narrow track it was actually quite annoying as we were forced to walk behind each other all the time and some joggers nearly bumped into us. But the views were nice nevertheless:


And we even saw some dolphins down in the water:


But as the trail was this crowded, we decided to leave it after Alexandria Bay.


noosa_heads_alexandria_bay2.jpg Alexandria Bay has a lovely beach and we were very sad that we didn’t bring our swimming stuff until we found this feller:


So we were not too upset that we couldn’t go for a swim anymore and turned inland to find the Alexandria Bay track that led us to the Tanglewood track.

On the Tanglewood track we were nearly alone, which was quite a relief after the funfair atmosphere on the Coastal track. The Tanglewook track leads through lush rainforest and we were told koalas inhabit this area, too (however, we didn’t see one).



Back at the car park, we walked the 1 km long Palm Cove circuit and have thus hiked on all the trails but one.

It was only around noon so we decided after spending the morning hiking, it’s time for some water activity in the afternoon – and hired a boat!

We spend three hours on Noosa River.


noosa_river_boat1.jpg These boats are really easy to drive…


… and we had a great time driving up and down the river…


…and spying in the backyards of all those amazing houses at the laguna:



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