Eungella National Park – home of the platypus

We left the sea shore for one night in order to see one of the queerest animals on earth: the platypus. You can find them in the Eungella National Park, one hour away from Mackay. On our drive to Eungella, we passed one of THE Aussi attractions: The Big Mango! W-o-w (hope you’re getting the ironic tone… ;-))

big_mango.jpg We’re staying at the Broken River Mountain Resort, in a cute little cabin.



We chose this accommodation because it is really close to the viewing platform that is said to be THE spot for spotting platypus.

As these shy animals don’t rock around the water during the middle of the day, we decided to do a little hike through the rainforest first. The track we chose starts at the resort and is around 2.5 kilometers long and quite easy to walk.




When you come here during the rain season, be aware of leeches when hiking in Eungella. We were lucky, it was very dry and we had no problems with these nasty fellers.

But we came across some other wildlife. However, this one was furry and had two long legs and a pouch, so we liked it:


Around three o’clock, we were ready to see some platypus. We went to the “Rock Pool” first. This place got indicated to us by the lovely lady at the reception of our hotel, the signs don’t point it out. You find the Rock Pool when you turn left at the campsite and walk along the path next to the river, till the pond.


And that was where we saw our first platypus.


You can imagine how happy we were!! We observed it for a while, diving and swimming around. So cute.

Then we decided to check out the viewing platform. This one is easy to find as it is indicated by the signs. Just follow the platypus! 😀


eungella6.jpg We thought the platform would be crowded but next to us, there were only six other people – and they all left after a while…?! And we were lucky again, we saw two (!!!) more platypus! And we got some better pictures than before (better, still not perfect. These animals are really quick and the sun was setting…).




It was such a great experience watching these rare and extraordinary animals in the wild. Eungella is definitely worth a visit!

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