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Hi guys, sorry for the long silence. We haven’t had internet for a while. This means we have to catch up a bit. Buckle up and expect a flood of posts coming the next days… 🙂

As we haven’t seen the big salties on our boat tour up at Daintree River, we decided to give it another go. Because hey, while in croc country, you need to see some big fellers, right?! So when we saw a sign advertising “Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures” on our way from Port Douglas to Clifton Beach, we followed it… together with like 500 other people, we found out some minutes later… 😉

Hartleys_Crocodile_Adventures_feeding_corcodiles.jpg We arrived just in time to watch the feeding. Quite impressive…




They had some other animals at Hartley’s too, like koalas…


(man, whatever it is they have in their eucalyptus leaves, I want a bit of it too, to be this relaxed! :-D)





…and Cassowaries (however, this one was a bit shy and didn’t want to smile into the camera):


Very satisfied by having seen crocs and slightly disturbed by having heard how fatal they are when you meet them swimming in a creek, we drove on.

Around lunchtime we passed this lovely and actually very lonely beach and decided that’s just the perfect spot for a picnic!

P1010610 We arrived at our hotel, the Agincourt Beachfront Apartments, in the afternoon. Our room had a small kitchen and was facing the ocean – sweet! 🙂



I also liked their pool…


… but even more, I loved the ocean right in front of us:


From Clifton Beach, it’s just a 30 minutes drive to Kuranda, a lovely little town snuggled into the mountains behind Cairns, the beginning of the Tablelands. And that’s where we went the other day.

Kuranda is not only famous for being such a cute little town, but also for it’s railway station – and it’s tourists taking stupid pictures underneath the sign… 😛


Looks like nothing has changed here the last 100 years… 🙂 CUTE!


From the railway station, you can follow a little walking track along the river (which we kind of had to do because we arrived in Kuranda before 10 am and apparently, all the shops were still closed ;-)). At first, you walk through an alley of eucalyptus trees…

kuranda_walk.jpg …then you pass the skyrail, which starts in Cairns and brings tourists up to Kuranda…


…and a railway bridge. We were lucky enough to be there when the historic train passed over it.


The last part of the track leads through rainforest.


When we came back to Kuranda, it was after 10 am and we could browse the shops and markets:



I liked the old Rainforest Market the most.


kuranda_rainforest_market2.jpg It has a very laid back atmosphere and I think it’s maybe the only place on earth where you can play mini golf in the middle of the rainforest! 😀


Moritz and I watched some kids play while we enjoyed a fresh coconut (well, I enjoyed it, Moritz thought it tastes disgusting :-D)


As it was only early afternoon when we had seen all of Kuranda, we decided to drive over to Barron Gorge and do a little hike to see the waterfall.

This walk is very easy and takes around 30 minutes return. It starts off with a boardwalk that leads nearly to the branches of the trees:



At the end, you get rewarded with a lovely view of the waterfall.


Remember, it’s not rain season at the moment. When it is, this thin waterfall swells up and covers all of the rock that lies behind it. Must be an impressive sight.

We left the Tablelands in the afternoon and drove down the winding street to sea level again – just to drive the same street back up again tomorrow, on our way from Clifton Beach to Mission Beach. We’ve decided it’s worth the detour to see a bit more of the Tablelands and it’s beautiful waterfalls… More about it in my next post! 🙂

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