With Etihad Airways from Frankfurt to Cairns

Good bye autumn in Stuttgart, G’day summer in Australia!

Finally, Moritz and I are on our Honeymoon! For the next four weeks we will travel down the east cost of Australia, from Cairns to Sydney. But what comes first to travelling in Australia? Right, travelling to Australia – quite a journey! 30 hours in three planes. And both of us still had the flu. So before we went to the check-in counter, we indulged ourselves with a hot cup of chamomile tea at Käfer’s at the airport.



I dreaded the flight very much, especially because we were both still sick. But guys, what can I say, my husband is the greatest: He surprised me with Business Class tickets for our first flight from Frankfurt to Abu Dhabi!


We were flying with Etihad Airways and apparently, they had some Business Class seats left. So they emailed all passengers and offered kind of a lottery: You can state a price you would pay extra to be upgraded to Business Class. And if enough seats are left and no one else places a higher bet, you get it. And as Moritz is a little gambler at heart, he couldn’t resist and placed a very low price – and got the upgrade! At first, I thought that’s not necessary but then I was soooo grateful. Six hours in Business Class can really ease a 30 hours flight. Especially when they have seats that you can put into a flat position – soooooo good!





I never thought I would fly Business Class in my life but guys, that’s really how a honeymoon should start! 🙂

It was 2 pm when we could check into our hotel, the Rydges Tradewinds Cairns. We were so tired (I even fell asleep twice in the lobby while waiting for our room to be cleaned) but we were determined to fight the jet lag and stay away till late… or till evening… ok, at least till the sun sets (which happens around 6:30 pm – thank god! :-D). So we walked down the Esplanade of Cairns which led us along the sea, passing the public outdoor pool, and ends in a street with many shops, bars and restaurants.


We decided to have dinner at the “Healthy Burger”, a burger bar that got highly recommended by Moritz’ boss.  (thank you for the tip, Marija! We loved it there!! 🙂 ).



If you ever go there, the “summer sunset” makes your day! What I liked about this place, too: they let their guests decide for what community projects they will make donations. I went for “My time for grandparents”.



After dinner, we enjoyed the sunset at the harbor and went back to our hotel in the twilight, very proud of ourselves that we stayed up till late… 7 pm… Woohooo, we totally rock! 😛


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