Tropical Port Douglas, the rainforest and” the flu”

That’s how I have always pictured my honeymoon:

P1050174 We’re staying at the Meridian, a boutique resort in Port Douglas and we’re loving it. We have chosen a Superior Apartment with kitchen, living room and private Jacuzzi on the balcony – wohoooo! I love Honeymoons! 😀



Plus, I have to say their pool is also not too bad… 🙂 The rooms on the ground level offer a private balcony from which you can jump directly into the water. Awesome, right?! 😀



Port Douglas is a cute little town with one shopping street…


…and a small harbor, where you find all the boats that bring you out to the Great Barrier Reef.


Plus, there is the beach:


Four miles of smooth white sand and warm water. Beautiful!

Unfortunately, Moritz’ flu got worse and he didn’t get as much out of our stay in this cute, tropical town, as we had planned. While I enjoyed the pool on our first day, he had to stay in bed and take his medicine.

But on our second day he decided to show the flu who’s the boss and we went to see the Daintree rainforest.

Our first stop was the Daintree River Cruise Center. We purchased a ticket for a 1.5 hours boat ride and waited very excited for the tour to start so we could see some saltwater crocodiles, also called “salties”! Moritz used the time before departure to sip some hot tee…


.. and a few minutes later, we were on the boat (this company offers boat rides nearly every half hour between 9:30 am and 3:30 pm, so you can just pop in whenever you feel like it).



And we saw several crocs! Not the very big ones but babies and teens!




daintree_river_crocodile3.jpg As Moritz felt fit enough for another attraction after the boat tour, we drove back to the town of Mossman and turned right in order to visit Mossman Gorge.

When you arrive at the visitor center, you have the choice: you can either walk two kilometers to the gorge or take the bus for 6 Dollars – we took the bus 😉

From the bus stop, a very easy boardwalk, which is also suited for wheelchairs, takes you to the Mossman River Lookout. From here, you can even go for a swim in the river! It looked like fun:


A walking trail leads along and you come to a hanging bridge called “Rex Creek Suspension Bridge”.



After the bridge, you can walk on the 2.4 kilometer Rainforest Circuit Track which leads you through the beautiful rainforest.





You even pass another natural pool, so don’t forget your swimsuit!


When we came back to the car park, my husband felt exhausted so we decided to drive back to Port Douglas.

Of course, there are a lot of other things you can do up here. As I’ve been to Queensland before, I can recommend going to Cape Tribulation, where the rainforest meets the ocean. Moreover, Port Douglas is a very good starting point for trips to the Great Barrier Reef.

But all this is worth nothing, when you’ve got the flu…

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