I’m running to fight cancer. Please support me!

On the 12th of September, I will participate in the “Secretary Run” to raise money for the breast cancer association Germany (Brustkrebs Deutschland e.V.). This run is 5 kilometers long and every Cent raised goes directly to the association.

Of course, I am working out a bit at the moment to be fit for the run. On Wednesday, I ran one of my favorite tracks in Stuttgart: From the train station through the park to Schloss Rosenstein and back again.

This is a beautiful track where you run in the shade of old trees and pass some
little streams and ponds.









Beautiful, hum?

And in order to convince you that I was not only promenading but truly running, here some blurry pictures from the track! 🙂



Now, I’m ready for the run! If you want to support me and the breast cancer association, you have two options:

1.) Participate in the run! You can sign up until the 11th of September! Here’s the link to the registration form (which is available only in German unfortunately 🙁  ) http://www.secretary-plus.de/upload/files/secretary_run_anmeldeformular.pdf

2.) You can help me raise money. Simply check out my fund raising page (which is, again, only in German… but you will get through, I am sure! 🙂 ), decide which amount you would like to contribute and fill out the form.



Thank you for your support guys and see you on the track!!  :-*

More information about:

Secretary Run 2013 (only in German)

Brustkrebs Deutschland e.V. (only in German)

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