Falling in love with a very special café slash shop

If you follow my blog for a little while, you might have found out that one of my favourite destinations for a weekend getaway is the Allgäu (if you have no clue what I am talking about, check out my articles , Relaxing in Bad Wörishofen and Sledding down the German Alps).

Lately, I’ve been there again with my friend Sina. And she introduced to me the cutest little café slash shop you could think of: Das Blaue Haus (the blue house) in Oberstaufen.

Das Blaue Haus (the blue house) in Oberstaufen

I checked their website to indulge you guys with some fun facts about this unique place: The blue house wasn’t blue from the beginning. It used to be a traditional Bavarian house with wood panels on the outside. Helen Strömberg, now the owner of the blue house, knew it since she grew up as a child in Oberstaufen. She lived across this beautiful building that dates back to 1900. More than ten years ago, she and her Scandinavian husband decided to buy it. With lots of work and love for details they turned it into a Scandinavian looking villa. But due to occupational reasons, they couldn’t live in their new beautiful home for long. But Helen had a new idea for the place and with the help of her brother, she turned it into the lovely café and shop it is today. And lovely it really is:

Inside the blue house

Cute things on display in the blue house in Oberstaufen

Shopping at the blue house

After we’ve had a good look around all the cute things on display, we checked out their café.

The café inside the blue house

Next to cakes and other sweet things they offer soups, salads and bread with house made toppings.

Sina went for a Thai Banana Curry Soup and I took the Wurstsalat (sausage salad).

Thai banana soup


My Wurstsalat was good but I have to admit that Sina got highly rewarded for her brave choice. Her soup tasted amazing!!

For me, “Das Blaue Haus” is the most awesome Café I’ve ever visited. It’s just too cute!!

What do you think? Any competition for this magical place?

More information about:

Das Blaue Haus (only in German)

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