Why you have to fall in love with San Diego

Sorry guys, it has been a while since I wrote my last article about our trip to the US. But here’s all about our last stop: San Diego.

I have been to some cities in the US by now, but out of all of them, San Diego has stolen my heart. We’ve visited the famous zoo, Old Town, Mission Beach, Gaslamp Quarter, Seaport Village and Coronado, and everything was equally lovely. The weather was mostly sunny, the people were very friendly and relaxed, the whole city appeared very clean and safe. San Diego, you have my heart! 🙂

1.) San Diego Zoo

When visiting San Diego, you HAVE TO go to the world-famous zoo.  It feels like walking through the jungle: there are palm trees and other plants everywhere. Most of the enclosures are big and look like the original habitat of the animals.

Big enclosure at San Diego Zoo

And the animals seen to be quite happy, too.

Polar bear playing with a ball



Well, most of them…

Monkey beeing in a bad mood

They even have pandas!

Giant panda at San Diego Zoo

Red panda at San Diego Zoo

What a great zoo! It can even compete with the Wilhelma… 😉

2.) Old Town

Some call it the “birthplace of California”: Old Town of San Diego. In 1769, it was founded by Father Junipero Serra as a mission. It became a historical Landmark in 1969. It is famous because of its old, well maintained buildings and especially tourists like to visit this site due to the nice shops and restaurants.

Old Town San Diego

Puppet of a sheriff in Old Town

Old houses in Old Town San Diego

3.)  Mission Beach

Unfortunately, the weather turned bad when we visited Mission Beach.

Mission Beach

So we couldn’t experience much  some of the surfer lifestyle…  until we found this beach bar with its artificial wave!

Artificial wave at Mission Beach, San Diego

It was great fun watching the guys surfing. They were really good!

After this, we watched to other guys, who made us feel like walking around in Venice Beach… 😀

Crazy guys at Mission Beach

4.) Gaslamp Quarter

Gaslamp Quarter is another historical district of San Diego (don’t they have many historical places around here? It feels nearly like Europe!! 😉 ). Here you find a lot of bars, shops and restaurants.

Entrance to Historic Gaslamp Quarter, San Diego

Gaslamp Quarter, San Diego

5.) Seaport Village

Seaport Village is a very cute, car-free area close to the – you might guess it – sea! 🙂

There are again many cute shops and yummy restaurants. We parked our car next to the USS Midway Museum (what a huge ship!!) and walked to Seaport Village.

San Diego USS Midway Museum

On the way, we passed this great statue for homecoming soldiers.

Statue of a homecoming soldier in San Diego

Seaport Village is truly a touristy place, but it’s nice to visit 😉

Seaport Village in San Diego

Tourists at Seaport Village

Around noon we had lunch at “San Diego Pier Café”. We were lucky and got a table outside in the sun, overlooking the ocean.

San Diego Pier Café

Moritz had a burger and I went for Baja Shrimp Tacos.

Burger with a view

Baja Shrimp Tacos at San Diego Pier Cafe

6.) We left Seaport Village with full bellies and headed to our last stop: Coronado.

Coronado is a peninsula with a relaxed beach town, beautiful beaches and a very famous hotel.

Hotel Del Coronado

Click on picture to enlarge

In the “Hotel Del Coronado” the movie “Some like it hot” with Marilyn Monroe was screened.

The hotel still is an impressive object and the beach lies right in front of it.

The only strange thing about this location is that a Naval Base is installed not far away from the hotel, so you might see military airplanes while sunbathing.

Airplane above Coronado

We only had 1.5 days in San Diego and we could have definitely spent more time in this amazing city. Well, this just means we have to come back someday… 🙂

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