My favourite desert city

Two days in Palm Springs and my world is all right! 🙂 Especially when I can stay in the Palm Canyon Resort. There is nothing better than hiking in the Indian Canyon in the morning, before and spending the afternoon in the pool. We started our day by walking on the “Palm Canyon Trail” for about an hour. As the whole Canyon is 15 miles long, and as we wanted to do another trail afterwards, it was set that we wouldn’t do the whole hike.

The beginning of the Palm Canyon Trail

We parked our car at the Trading Post and descended into the canyon. What we liked about this trail was the fact that it follows a little stream at the beginning. And where there’s water, there are palm trees, as well! So you have some shade – which is definitely worth a fortune in the desert!

Palm Canyon

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You have to cross the water at one point. When there was a lot of rain, I think it can be difficult to hop over it. When we were there, you only had to be careful not to step into the green, somewhat stinky puddle.

Crossing the little stream

After half an hour or so, you leave the shade of the canyon and climb on a mountain. That was the moment when we decided to turn around and head back to the car… 😉

However, you had a nice view over the mountain from up there…

View over Palm Canyon

For the second trail we had chosen the “Andreas Canyon”. We had done this easy, only one mile long loop last year already and had really liked it. So we were keen on refreshing our memory 🙂

Beginning of the Andreas Canyon Trail

Again, this trail begins with following along a stream of water…

Walking in the shade of palm trees on the Andreas Canyon Trail

… where you can refresh yourself by putting your shirt or your cap – or both – into the water!

Nothing beats a wet shirt and a wet cap in the desert...

Believe me, nothing beats wet cloths in the desert!! OK, maybe an ice-cold cocktail in your Hand… but nothing else! 😛

After 30 minutes or so, you leave the shade of the palm trees and the comfort of the water. The track leads up to a platform above the canyon.

Leaving the shade

Now, the canyon with its palm trees lies to your left…

View from the platform above Andreas Canyon

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…and you walk back through sparse desert vegetation. You will meet the water again at the car park – a great spot for a break and another refreshment!

Sticking the feet into the desert stream

But we do not only love the Indian Canyon because of all the great hikes you can do there, but also because it’s a great place for watching desert wildlife like lizards…


… something that looked like a desert dragonfly….

A desert dragonfly??

… but the best of all were the hummingbirds! At the Trading Post they put up special feeding stations for them – perfect for the birds and the tourists! 😀

Three feeding hummingbirds


We spent the second part of the day at the pool of our hotel. As I mentioned earlier, we stayed at the Palm Canyon Resort.

Our room at Palm Canyon Resort in Palm Springs The kitchen

We had a room facing the pool, which was actually not as good as the room we had last year. When you decide on staying there, too, ask if you could get a room facing the desert. Like this, you avoid the noise from the pool in the evening plus our room last year was a bit bigger and nicer. But forget about the room anyway, let’s talk about the pool!! 🙂

The pool at Palm Canyon Resort in Palm Springs

Nicely shaped, with a separate section for kids, a pool bar and a waterfall… what else can you ask for??!

Enjoying the pool

Make sure you try one (or more ;-)) cocktails at the pool bar! Very yummy!!

Fantastic cocktails at Palm Canyon Resort

Every thursday between 6 and 10 pm there is a street market in Palm Springs. So that’s where Moritz and I headed on our second evening. Next to all kinds of food and art work, we were thrilled to find..

  1. a pig

Pig at Palm Springs street market

  1. a stand were you could burn marshmallows for free


  1. Marilyn Monroe!

Marilyn Monroe at Palm Springs

Yep, Palm Springs is definitely worth a visit! 🙂

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