Vegas, Baby!

You know: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! 😉 But OK, I won’t conceal everything from you. Here are my personal top 5 highlights of our three nights in Vegas:

5. Walking the strip

In my opinion, that’s THE one thing you have to do when in sin city – especially when it’s dark and all the lights are on (plus the temperature is a bit lower than during the day….)

The strip

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Don’t miss New York New York. The Hotel Looks like the skyline of Manhattan, it even has a replica of the Statue of Liberty – and a rollercoaster going all round it! 😀

New York New York in Vegas

When you enter the hotel, it looks like you are walking the streets of New York. The restaurants are located in little houses.

Inside New York New York

Feeling like Europe? Why not visit Paris?

Paris in Las Vegas

This Hotel has a replica of the Eiffel Tower, which is half of the size of the original one. You can take an elevator up to a viewing platform and there is also a restaurant located up there. When you enter the hotel on the ground floor, you feel like roaming the streets of the French capital:

Inside Paris

And make sure you don’t miss the public bathrooms! I love their Art Nouveau design… 🙂

Toilets in Paris, Las Vegas

Why not hop over to Egypt now? The pyramid is waiting…

The pyramid of Luxor, Las Vegas

Inside Luxor

That all sounds like a fairy tale? Then you should check out the fairy tale castle/ hotel – Excalibur…

Excalibur, Las Vegas

… and if you lost your shoe on the stairs, don’t worry, you find just the perfect one in the lobby of the hotel Cosmopolitan – one size fits all! 😀

Shoe at cosmopolitan

And if it was a prince who showed you to your shoe, why not marry him straight away, in the “Pop up wedding chapel”!?! 😀

Pop up wedding chapel, Las Vegas

Aaaah, I love walking the strip!!

4. Staying at the hotel with the best pool

Which is – in my opinion – not Mandalay Bay but Tropicana!

As we were celebrating our first wedding anniversary, we had chosen a suite. This means, next to a huge bedroom…

Tropicana suite, Las Vegas

… we also had a living room…

Tropicana suite, living room

… and a view over the strip!!

View from Tropicana over the strip of Las Vegas

Nice, hum?! 😀

But the BEST about this hotel is the award-winning pool!!

Award winning pool area of Tropicana, Las Vegas

Tropicana, pool area

This is exactly the place where you wanna be between 9 am and 6 pm, when it’s just too hot to be anywhere else in Vegas! 😉

But there’s one thing I have to mention: Make sure you stay at Tropicana during the week. There is a beach club called “Bagatelle” right next to it and their Music is that loud, that it’s really not much fun lying at the pool anymore – especially as Tropicana is playing music, too… Two songs competing with each other is nothing you want to listen to when you try to relax…

3. Hiking in the Red Rock Canyon

Yes, there is something next to gambling, partying and marrying that you can enjoy while in Vegas! The Red Rock Canyon is only a short drive of 20 minutes away and it’s definitely worth getting up early. Why early? Because it gets hot out there!!

Entrance to Red Rock Canyon

You have to pay only 5 $ entrance fee per car and day in order to drive on the “Scenic Drive”, which is a 13-miles one-way road that brings you to all the points where the hiking trails start – and offers great views, too.

Calico Hills

Click on picture to enlarge

Panorama in the Red Rock Canyon

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Panorama of Pine Creek Canyon

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Moritz and I had decided to do two easy hikes before it gets too hot. We drove to the Willow Spring picknick area and started the “White Rock Willow Spring Loop”.

Hiking on the White Rock Willow Spring Trail

Lonely hiker

This trail is easy to go and offers great views on the surrounding mountains.


But make sure to bring at least one bottle of water per person. As I said before, it gets very hot.

For our second short hike, we had chosen the “Fire Ecology”, which is the beginning of the “Pine Creek Canyon” Trail. At the beginning, you descend into the valley. From there onwards, this trail is sandy but very easy.

Beginning of the Pine Creek Canyon Trail

It leads you through some bushes…

Bushes in the valley

… until you reach a small stream of water…

Water in Pine Creek Canyon

… and the reason why this place is called Pine Creek: pine trees!

Pine trees

After 30 minutes, we were back at the car and enjoyed the view we had from up there:

View from Pine Creek Canyon parking lot

Click on picture to enlarge

It was 11:15 am when we had finished our two hikes and the temperature was just below 100 degrees – time to hit the road and get into the pool a.s.a.p.!!

2. Watching the fountains of Bellagio

“The best things in life are free” – Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson must have been in Vegas before they recorded this song. There are many amusements in this city where you can spend a fortune in order to savor them. But one of the best doesn’t cost you anything: the fountains of Bellagio.

Dancing water in front of Bellagio

The fountains in front of Bellagio

Grande finale in front of Bellagio

You can watch the dancing water every half hour before 7 pm, and every 15 minutes in the afternoon. And you can come again and again and again, you will never feel bored: the fountains know a lot of dances to different songs: from “Hey, Big Spender” to “We Need a Little Christmas” and much, much more.

1. Celebrating our first wedding anniversary

What can I say, this was DEFINITELY the highlight of our trip to Vegas. As I told you in an earlier post, Moritz and I got married las year at the “Graceland Wedding Chapel”, so spending our first anniversary where it all began 365 days ago was very, very Special.

We decided to go to the restaurant “Mon Ami Gabi” at the hotel “Paris”.

Mon ami Gabi

Luckily we had made a reservation the day before, because the line was very long when we arrived and people were told they have to wait up to an hour to get a table. The restaurant was very crowded but still nice. We shared a warm jar of olives as a starter and both went for the “Steak Bordelaise” with caramelized onions and red wine sauce.

Steak Bordelaise at Mon Ami Gabi in Las Vegas

Our program for the night was also very exceptional: we went to see the karaoke singing frog! 🙂

Singing frog at Wynn

Wynn Lake of Dreams

I had heard from a friend that we HAD TO see the “Lake of Dreams” at Wynn. We caught the show where a huge frog is singing karaoke! Hilarious!!! Their website says they have eight different shows. I know our evening program for our next visits to Vegas… 😀

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