When a (Silent) Friday falls on a thursday…

… then we are talking about a very special and wonderful event in Stuttgart. In a very relaxing atmosphere, with pillows on the floor and dimmed light, the Silent Friday presents experimental performances and different types of music. It’s a shame that this event won’t be around for much longer in its former way…

I went to the last Silent Friday that is organised every month last thursday. And that’s the first thing I love about this event: despite its name, it takes place on a thursday! 🙂

It was held in the Theater Merlin in Stuttgart-West. Five different performances were awaiting us, from acoustic music over some asian dance meditation to Swedish dance music and relaxing singer-songwriter tunes.

The entrance to Merlin in Stuttgart-West

We were happy that we arrived early enough to get some pillows 🙂

Relaxing on pillows at the floor during Silent Friday at Merlin

The evening started with a band playing acoustic music. What followed was hard to comprehend – and is even harder to explain to you guys…: a girl doing some asian “dance meditation performance”.

Some performances leave you clueless

Well, but that’s the great thing about Silent Fridays: They always confront you with a new type of art. You don’t have to become a fan of it but you should be open and respectful towards the artist. And that’s what the Silent-Friday-audience usually is.

Now it was time for the singer and songwriter Kid Decker, who enchanted us with his tunes. After we had snuggled in our pillows for a while by now, the Swedish band MOMOFOKO made us push the cushions away and get to our feed: it was time to dance!

A "not so silent" Silent Friday moment

It was around midnight by now and it was time for us to leave. So we only saw the beginning of the Performance of “Owls of the Swamp” – quite a pity because we really liked what we heard: soft indie-folk. Luckily one of my friends got his CD 🙂

Listening to indie-folk

It is really sad that I found out about this great event just before it isn’t held in it’s regular way. Nevertheless you still have the chance to visit a Silent Friday. You only have to wait till autumn, but then it’s supposed to come back.

Another great fact about Silent Fridays: The singers and artists are very down to earth and you can talk to them in the breaks between the performances. I had a very nice chat with Pete Uhlenbruch form Owls of the Swamp.

Chatting to Pete Uhlenbruch from Owls of the swamp

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