Christmas starts in November – with the mini Christmas Market “Wintertraum”!

Hi guys! There is one thing you need to know about Stuttgart. It might irritate you at the beginning. But over the years, you will get used to it and accept it as a fact. In Stuttgart, Christmas starts in November! And I am not referring to all these christmas cookies, you find in grocery stores now. I am talking about the ice skating rink “Wintertraum” on Schlossplatz.

Wintertraum at Schlossplatz

I have to admit, when it opened the first time a few years ago, I was very skeptical myself. “An ice skating rink? In Stuttgart? Like the one in front of Rockefeller Center in New York?? And it opens when it’s nearly still summer??? STRANGE!!” Well, I am swabian and we Swabians don’t trust anything that’s new and different. 😉 So it took me a few years to accept the rink. And by now, I quite like  it and the booths around, where you can get mulled wine and all sorts of food.

Today, I went there with a colleague to have lunch and to enjoy the first mulled wine in 2012! 🙂

The entrance to "Wintertraum"

What I have never noticed before, when you look up while standing in the entrance, you see that they have decorated the gate with skates:

Skates in the decoration of "Wintertraum"

I had yeast dumpling (Dampfnudel) with vanilla sauce for 4,50 Euro and my colleague tried fried mashed potatoe (Kartoffelpuffer or Rösti) s with apple sauce.

Kartoffelpuffer and Dampfnudel at Wintertraum

I liked my dumpling very much, only my colleague had little trouble eating his fried mashed potatoes, because they only give you forks at Wintertraum…

Eating Kartoffelpuffer with two forks

But I can assure you, he managed to eat his Rösti the end and didn’t have to starve! 🙂

When we had finished our lunch, we had a glass of mulled wine – which came out of this nice, little pot:

Pot of mulled wine

I actually tried to have two glasses. But sadly, I didn’t get through with it after my colleague handed me back the camera…

Nearly enjoying two glasses of mulled wine

As they have a lot of lovely sweets, we thought about getting something for dessert as well…

Sweet apples

A heart for Wintertraum

Yummy sweets

…but we stayed strong and resisted.

If you wonder now where the skating rink is, here it comes:

Skating rink at Wintertraum

As I said, it’s not very crowded at Wintertraum during the day.

We had a very nice and yummy break here at Wintertraum and I will surely come again, the winter is still young! 😉

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