Being on a big screen on Times Square, observing a red panda, saying goodbye to New York on the top of a skyscraper – put a tick behind all of that!

As our flight got cancelled due to Sandy, we had two more days in New York. And we were determined to use them as good as possible. We definitely wanted to see the Statue of Liberty. However, you can only see it from Battery Park which is  at the very south end of Manhattan and which was the first part of the city that got flooded. As there was no public transport (OK, some buses were running, but they were ridiculously crowded and I think the locals who have to go to work have more right to use them at the moment then some tourists…) this meant walking all the way from midtown to the very end of downtown by foot. So that’s what we did. It took us 1.5 hours and we had to pass the parts of Manhattan that got hit hard by the storm. There was still no power and you could see which parts were flooded. We felt a little stupid, walking down the street as tourists when some New Yorkers where pumping out their basement or carrying their damaged furniture on the street because their flats were flooded.

On our way, we passed Wall Street and took a quick picture of the famous bull who symbolises financial optimism – mainly for my dad who works in a bank (Hallo Papa! :-))

Charging Bull on Wall Street

When we reached Battery Park, we were SO relieved find it open for the public! So we were able to see the Statue of Liberty – even though if only from far away…

The Statue of Liberty

When we left the park, we turned east and passed the flooded Holland Tunnel incidentally. What an unbelievable sight…

Flooded Holland Tunnel

We walked all the way up to Brooklyn Bridge and found it open, too! Of course we crossed the bridge to see the skyline of Manhattan from the other side.

Skyline of Manhattan, seen from Brooklyn

In front of the skyline

But walking over the bridge itself was another highlight, too.

Brooklyn Bridge

Walking over Brooklyn Bridge

Back on Manhattan again, we had a long walk home in front of us. When we arrived at Times Square and at our hotel again, we had walked 30,000 steps and our legs were hurting! We relaxed a bit in our room and went outside again only to have dinner.

It became a little tradition for us to spend the last night of a holiday in the US in a Bubba Gump restaurant. In order to remain true to this tradition, we went to the Bubba Gump on Times Square. For all of you who don’t know Bubba Gump: This is a small chain of seafood restaurants, inspired by the movie “Forrest Gump”. It offers a casual atmosphere and reasonable prices. And the waiters are extremely friendly (sometimes a little too friendly, but that’s ok ;-)).

Run Forrest, Run! If you flip over this sign, it says “Stop Forrest, Stop” and a waiter will stop at your table very soon and take your order.

Run Forrest, Run!

As Forrest loves ping-pong, why not put the drink menu on a ping-pong paddle?! 😀

Drink menu on a ping-pong paddle

But I didn’t only fool around with the paddle, I also choose a very nice Blueberry Speckled Lemonade:

Blueberry Spreckled Lemonade

For dinner, I ordered Shrimp New Orleans…

Shrimp New Orleans

…and Moritz had a shrimp and vegetable skewer.

Salmon and vegetables skewer

VERY yummy, both of them!

On our way back to the hotel, we passed The Naked Cowboy again. But he looked slightly different to the day before… 🙂

New Naked Cowboy on Times Square

The next day was our last day, not only in New York but in the US. Our flight left at 11 pm. But we had still some hours left for some more sightseeing!

When I woke up, I thought “Hey, why not start the last day of our holiday with putting up a picture of myself on a huge screen on Times Square and saying hello to everybody from Stuttgart?!” So that’s what I did:

Mel on the big screen on Times Square

Isn’t this funny? A colleague told me about it! When you buy something at American Eagle on Times Square, you get a voucher that allows you to get your picture taken and put up on the screen, between all the big commercials! 🙂

After that was done, we visited the zoo in Central Park. Even though it’s not very big, it’s still nice to see – and they even have red pandas! Wow!

Snake in the zoo

Red panda

Polar bear

Zoo with the skyline in the background

When we went out of the zoo, we still had 1.5 hours to spend before we had to head back to our hotel in order to catch our shuttle to the airport. So we decided to check whether the observation deck on the Rockefeller Center was open to the public again – and it was! So the last thing we did in New York was seeing it from a skyscraper. Nice!

Central Park, seen from Rockefeller Center

Empire State Building, seen from Rockefeller Center

On top of Rockefeller Center with the Empire State Center in the background

After this shot, we had to hurry down to catch our shuttle to the airport. But we made it in time and are back in Stuttgart now.

It was a great trip! We saw so many great places in the north-east of the US. This is really a beautiful spot and well worth visiting. I will put up a post giving an overview of our trip and some suggestions what to do (and what not to do :-)). Plus await more posts about my travels from earlier years – I only say Australia, Canada, Taiwan, South-East-Asia, Czech Republic, Wales and many more… 🙂 And of course – as I am back in my beloved Stuttgart now – many more great places to visit in this beautiful city!

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