New York City post Sandy

After two days without internet it’s definitely time to give you guys an update about what’s going on in Manhattan. Well, you have seen it on the news, hurricane Sandy has left a lot of destruction in New York and especially in New Jersey. Horrible pictures. All the news I can give you is that we were safe in our hotel room and watched weather channel around the clock.

Before Sandy hit New York monday night, Moritz and I went out monday morning until noon because we realized that we’ll have to stay in our little hotel room for a long time afterwards. It was spooky in Manhattan, not many people were around – probably only other tourists – and it was dark and rainy.

Rain on Times Square

Rain on Empire State Building

Who has been in Manhattan knows, that pictures like these – Times Square empty, deserted streets around the Chrysler Building, no other tourists in your photo of the Rockefeller Center – are not very common. Another strange sight were barricaded shop windows on 5th Avenue.

Barricaded shop windows on 5th Avenure

Other shops decided do leave the windows but take away the luxurious items in the display.

Empty shop display

There was not much to do or see – the only attraction was Naked Cowboy 🙂

The Naked Cowboy

After we had watched him holding several women we went back to our room and waited for Sandy to pass.

Today was the first day that we could really spend outside again (we went out yesterday afternoon as well – mainly because we needed some fresh air again – however, we didn’t walk around much). Of course we saw some destruction…

Street sign broken by hurricane Sandy

Crane dangling over the street

Broken trees

Broken trees in a park

…but as we stayed in the areas in Manhattan that were mostly spared by the storm, we luckily  didn’t pass the really bad scenes.

Even though it was hard going back to normal when you know only a few blocks away, in Queens, houses are still burning and so many people have lost their homes, we tried to make the most of this day. However, there was not much to do. The parks were still closed, downtown Manhattan was still without power and flooded, and most sights were closed. But the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) was open, so that’s where we went first.

On our way to the museum we passed Times Square and I can tell you, it felt SO good seeing this place for the first time without clouds and rain but blue sky and sunshine!

Blue sky over Times Square # 1

Blue sky over Times Square # 2

When we arrived at MoMA it was 9:45 am and we had to wait for 45 minutes until we could buy tickets and go inside. However, it was worth waiting, because it got crowded!

Crowds at MoMa waiting to get inside

Well, as I mentioned earlier, not many sights were open today. I don’t know if the museum is that crowded on a normal day during the week.

After not having been able to do much sightseeing in New York so far, we were very excited to see the exhibitions!

Mel excited to visit MoMA

OK, maybe not all of us were THAT excited… 🙂

Moritz, not that excited to visit MoMA

The main reason I wanted to come here, were Monet’s Waterlilies. I LOVE them!

Mel in front of Waterlilies

Mel in front of Monet painting

The rest of the museum was interesting as well and I was having a good time – maybe even a little bit too much… 😉

Reaching out for art:

Reaching out for art



Is this art or can I step on it???!

Is this art or can I step on it?

In the end, even Moritz admitted that he liked the museum, so we can definitely recommend going there when in New York!

Mel in front of art

Mo in front of art

One more thing:

I know, I haven’t shared any funny Halloween decoration with you lately. Reason for this is that everybody took the decoration inside before hurricane Sandy arrived. But as it is Halloween today, I cannot go without a funny Halloween picture! So here it comes:

Trick or treat in Manhattan

This is how you trick or treat in Manhattan: Short skirts, pink tights, funny head and up to the guy selling waffles at the street! 🙂 And these girls even got something from him! 🙂 Happy Halloween to all of you!

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