New York City getting ready for Sandy Frankenstorm

Well, haven’t we chosen just the perfect time to visit New York City? We must have, because this celebrity, they are talking about in the news constantly, will arrive as well, while we are here. What’s here name again? Ah right, Sandy…! Sometimes they refer to her as “Frankenstorm” as well, why, must be because it’s nearly Halloween. I wonder if we will meet her… :-S

We drove over five hours from Cape Cod this morning and arrived in Manhattan at 1:30 pm. Finding our hotel, the Broadway at Times Square, was a bit tricky because our GPS didn’t work well between all the skyscrapers. When we got there it was only 2 pm and the official check-in begun at 3 pm. But when we went in, we got a room right away, without any problems. That was awesome because we had to return our rental car before 3 pm and we had to find a gas station before. After we had returned the car, we set out to do as much sightseeing as we can today because tomorrow, Hurricane Sandy will be in town…

We walked up 5th Avenue until we reached Central Park.

Walking on 5th Avenue

5th Avenue, New York

Art on 5th Avenue

5th Avenue architecture

Buidings on upper 5th Avenue

As you can see on the pictures, it was cloudy the whole day in Manhattan. However, we were still lucky, because there was no rain today and the temperature was quite mild. Especially the fact that there was no rain was important because it’s not much fun walking around a park while getting soaked.

We only had time to see a tiny bit of Central Park as rangers told us that we have to leave the park until 5 pm as they will close it due to Hurricane Sandy. It was still nice walking around there and enjoying the view on the skyline of Manhattan.

Manhattan Skyline from Central Park

Buildings in Manhattan

View from Central Park

Sitting on a bench in Central Park, Manhattan

When we left the park, the rangers were already closing the entrances so that no new visitors could enter.

Sign saying that Central Park is closed due to Hurricane Sandy

We headed back to the Times Square and passed a subway station. There we found out that the public transport will stop busses and trains from 7 pm on.

Sign at subway station

The same is true for many shops and restaurants on Times Square, including McDonald’s and Starbucks. Some of their signs were even funny:

"Blame the wetherman! Not us!"

"Take that, Sandy!"

Times Square was very impressive but there was also a strange mood in the air. Everybody is waiting for the storm to come.

Times Square # 1

Times Square # 2

Times Square # 3

Stairs at Times Square

As we heard everywhere that everyone should get supplies like water and food for a few days – and even nature followed that advice…

Getting food for the next few days

… we got some stuff ourselves:

We began filling our stomachs with some very rich diet…

… and bought some more water and food items that should keep us going (especially the calories in the chocolate-M&M’s-marshmellow-covered brownie on the left will last for at least 10 weeks 😉 !

So all we can do now is sit in our room and wait for Sandy Frankenstorm to hit New York.

Oh, by the way, there is no picture of funny Halloween decoration today. Mainly because people are supposed to put them inside before the Hurricane arrives and blows everything through the air, but also because the idea of the worst storm in at least 70 years coming to New York City is scary enough, I think.

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