Walking on the Boston Freedom Trail

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We were in Boston yesterday. And what can I say, everybody who told us it’s a great city was right. We loved it!

But first things frist:

Before we drove to “Beantown” (as we learned the city is called by locals), we went to see “Bear Skin Neck”, a little peninsula in the harbor of Rockport, where we have stayed the last night. It was only 9 am so all the shops were still closed. But we were told we should still have a look at the cute little houses for some window shopping, it’s worth it. And it was:

Cute shops in "bear skin neck"/Rockport

Rockport harbor

Hour in "bear skin neck"/Rockport

Explanation of the name "bear skin neck" on a sign

After such a lovely morning, we were all excited about our day in Boston. The drive into town took us a little more than one hour and we parked right in the center (Which was very expensive! 29 $ for 4 hours!! What a bummer! :-S )

What I really liked about Boston – because it was so tourist-friendly – was the Freedom Trail. This is a trail, marked by a red line or red brick stones on the street. You can follow it through the city and it brings you to most of the famous places. It begins in the park and is easy to find and to follow.

You can either look for signs..

Freedom Trail sign in Boston

… or the red line on the street…

Boston Freedom Trail

…which is sometimes interrupted by signs, too:

Boston Freedom Trail, sign on the street

You can also book a guided walking tour, which is led by people in funny costumes:

Tour guide in Boston

I reckon this can be pretty interesting because you learn everything about the places you pass and about the interesting history of Boston. But as Moritz and I are not the biggest fans of guided tours, we walked the Freedom Trail by ourselves.

What I really liked about this city were the old buildings. I spare you of the historic details (mainly because I didn’t read most of the signs in front of the houses 🙂 ) and just show you some pictures:

Old building in Boston # 1

Old building in Boston # 2

But it’s not only the old buildings, that make Boston to the city that it is today, it’s also the newer architecture:

Skyscrapers in Boston

Modern buildings in Boston

Sunrays between buildings in Boston

And sometimes, it’s the combination of both:

Old building in front of modern skyscrapers

Old house in front of modern buildings in Boston

We followed the Freedom Trail only up to Faneuil Hall Marketplace. There we walked down Congress Street until we reached the harbor and the place where the Boston Tea Party happened in 1773.

Boston Tea Party

Today, there is a museum and a replica of the ship and we even saw children pushing boxes into the water.  🙂

We walked back to the Marketplace and found the Freedom Trail again, which led us back to the park. And the park, aaah, what a nice place! It’s not very big but very well maintained. Especially the Public Garden with its little pond. Lovely place.

Boston Public Garden # 1

Boston Public Garden # 2

Boston Public Garden # 3

After having walked around the city for a few hours, we enjoyed sitting there on a bench for a little while, watching other tourists passing by.

In the early afternoon, we left Boston and drove one hour to Nantasket Beach, Hull, where we stayed for the night. Nantasket is a peninsula just outside Boston with nice beaches. We had chosen the Nantasket Beach Resort for our brief stay because it lies directly at the ocean – and because we got an unbelievably good deal! Must be because it’s after season now!

Nantasket Beach Resort

We had a room with a fireplace and a small balcony that offered a side view to the ocean (unfortunately a street runs between the hotel and the beach, but we didn’t hear the cars in our room).

Room in Nantasket Beach Resort

View from our balcony to the beach

The sun was still up so we decided to go for a beach walk.

Nantasket Beach # 1

Birds at Nantasket Beach

Nantasket Beach # 2

What a beautiful day!

At Nantasket Beach

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