About mountains and waves… and witches!

We drove down from Acadia, Maine, to Rockport, Massachusetts, the last two days. But of course we didn’t take the highways, we drove the scenic route. After two hours we arrived at Camden. Before we went into town, we checked if Camden Hills State Park is still open –  and luckily, it was! As we still had a long day in front of us, we didn’t go hiking (:-( ) but drove up Mount Battie to enjoy the view. And what can I say, it was worth the 9 $ entrance fee!

View from Mount Battie down to Camden

Me on top of Mount Battie

Camden Harbor from Mount Battie

On top of Mount Battie you find a little tower which is open for the public. You can easily climb it and enjoy the 360 degree view over Camden, the ocean and Camden Hills State Park.

Tower on top of Mount Battie

View from the tower on Mount Battie over the Camden Hills State Park

From the state park, it took us only a few minutes to drive into Camden. We parked close to the harbor and walked through a little park into town.

View from the park over to the harbor of Camden

Camden, Maine

As it was around noon, we decided to have lunch here. We found a lovely little restaurant called Camden Deli and did what every decent tourist is supposed to do in Maine: order a lobster roll! 🙂

Camden Deli

Inside Camden Deli

As the seating was very limited inside – and as it was a wonderful sunny day outside – we decided to take our roll and head back to the park where we could overlook the harbor while eating. We found a bench underneath a maple tree and had an extraordinary yummy lunch…

Lobster roll in Camden

… and a beautiful view.

Our view while having lunch in Camden

Our next stop after Camden were the outlets in Freeport for some more shopping – which was however not very successful. We stayed in Biddeford for the night, in the America Best Value Inn.

We started our second part of the journey down south by driving through Kennebunkport, which is known for its beautiful houses and tidy appearance – and because President Bush senior has a holiday house here. Maybe it’s this nicely decorated one??

Halloween decoration # 7 - Volume 1

Halloween decoration #7 - Volume 2

Halloween decoration # 7 - Volume 3

Ok, maybe not 🙂 But hey, that’s one creepy decoration, isn’t it?!

Next stop: Ogunquit ( I have NO idea how to pronounce that name, luckily I only have to write it down for you 🙂 ), more precisely: Marginal Way. This is a nice path, leading along the ocean to Perkins Cove while passing many exquisite holiday houses and villas. One had a sign over the veranda, saying “Dreams do come true” – man, I am very positive they did come true for these folks, living on one of the most scenic spots on earth!! 😉

Marginal Way

Houses along Marginal Way

Moritz and I lingered down the path, sat down on a bench and enjoyed the sound of the waves, the smell of the ocean and the warm sunshine.

Sitting on a bench at Marginal Way

But eventually we had to get up again, walk back to the car and drive to our next stop. And this was – again 🙂 – an outlet: Kittery Premium Outlet. But this time we were very successful and managed to spend nearly five hours in all the different stores. When we were finished (or, to tell you the truth – broke ;-)) we decided to drive into Salem next to visit the Witch Museum. Because of the rush hour it took us quite long to get into the city and we arrived at the museum at 4:20 pm.

Salem Witch Museum

We got tickets (9$ per person) for the presentation at 4:30 pm, which was lucky because they close at 5 pm. The exhibit began in a room with several life-sized stage sets, where a narrator told us about the witch trials that were held in Salem in 1962. Different scenes on the stages were lit after another. After this, we entered another room, where a guide talked about the  changing interpretations of witches over the centuries. It’s obviously a very touristy thing to do, but we found it interesting nevertheless. I will go get myself a copy of Arthur Millers “The Crucible” when we are back home. When we left the museum it was getting dark so we didn’t walk around much longer but drove on to our destination for today.

Tonight we are staying in a very cute Motel, the Eagle House Motel in Rockport:

Eagle House Motel in Rockport

Our room in the Eagle House Motel in Rockport

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