Driving down the “Kanc”

We have spent the last two days in the White Mountains. On the first day, we drove here from Rutland, Vermont…. OK, I have to admit, we mainly left Rutland because it got a bit creepy here:

Halloween decoration # 5


The last part of the way we drove on the Kancamagus Highway, also called “The Kanc” by insiders as we are now ;-).

It was a sunny October day and even though it is after peak, we had some nice foliage. We stopped several times on the way and did some easy hikes. At first, we walked a bit on the Pine Island Trail at the beginning of the Kanc.

Pine Island Trail in the White Mountains

Our second stop was at the Discovery Trail. The hike is very easy and offers several information panels along the way, explaining the flora and fauna.

Hiking the Discovery Trail at the Kanc

The colour of the trees was stunning and at one point we even had a nice view on the surrounding mountains:

View from the Discovery Trail

Apart from hiking trails, the Kanc has also several nice lookouts where you can stop for one or more pictures.

Lookout # 1

Lookout # 2

Lookout # 3

It was while taking pictures from these lookouts when I really regretted not being here when the foliage is at its peak – the colours must be stunning. Well, a good reason to come back one day! 🙂

We stopped at two more attractions: The Rocky Gorge…

Rocky Gorge

… and at the Scenic Falls.

Scenic Falls at the Kanc

We left the Kancamagus Highway at early afternoon, determined to make it to one more picture stop before sunset. We drove another 45 minutes to Bretton Woods.

Mount Washington Hotel in front of Mount Washington

We got a nice shot of the historic Mount Washington Hotel, which became famous in 1944 when representatives of 44 countries created the Monetary Fund and the future World bank at this site, and Mount Washington in the background. We drove back 45 minutes and arrived at our accommodation, Junge’s Motel in North Conway, just before it got dark.

Junge's Motel in North Conway

When we woke up the next morning, it was raining cats and dogs. But hey, no problem when staying in North Conway: they have an outlet center up here (and no tax!!) so we had no problem at all spending this day in the White Mountains by spending some money 🙂

Outlet shopping in North Conway

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