Indian Summer in the Catskill Mountains

As there hasn’t been much going on under my heading “Traveling” since I started this blog, I decided that needs to be changed and flew to the US with Moritz… 🙂

Another good reason for coming here was the invitation we got from my friend Anne to attend her wedding. It took place in Winchester which is about one hour away from Washington DC.

The day after the wedding, we drove all the way from Winchester to the Catskill Mountains, passing as many as 5 states if I counted correctly. On the way, we saw our first Halloween decoration:

Halloween decoration # 1

After a 7 hour drive, we arrived at Coxsackie at 3 pm and checked in at the Best Western New Baltimore Inn. The hotel is quite all right. Our room is not too small and has a fridge and a microwave. And for breakfast, they even offer fresh waffles!

Our room at the Best Western New Baltimore Inn

After checking in, we went into town (not much to do there)…

Downtown Coxsackie

…and to a little park at the Hudson River for an afternoon walk.

Coxsackie Park

But we did not come here because of Coxsackie but to hike in the Catskill Mountains. So that’s what we did today.

After a nice breakfast we drove to the North/South Lake. We entered Tannersville into our GPS and after 45 minutes on the toll-free road, just before the town center, a sign indicated that we had to turn right in order to find the North/South Lake Campground where the trail begins. For 8 Dollars we were able to enter the Day Use Area and park our car at the North Lake.

When we started our hike, it was foggy and quite cold.

Fog crawling over the North Lake

But luckily the sun came out very soon and turned the scenery into a late Indian Summer mood.

Boat on the North Lake

However, before I can go on with this article, I have to share a piece of information with you: I LOVE colourful leaves! And I hope, you don’t mind them, neither. Because what follows now are pictures of leafs on the ground…

Red leaf # 1

Red leaf # 2

Yellow leaf # 1

… on the tree…

Green leafs

Yellow leafs

… and high up, close to the sky.

Leafs high up # 1

Leafs high up # 2

Aaaah, beautiful! Ok, where was I…?:-)

Another highlight on the trail was this rock, looking like a dragon’s head:

Dragon's head

After we had circled the North/South Lake, we did another trail that led us to a lookout called Artist’s Rock.


This trail was a little more difficult because we had to climb some rocks.

Hike to Artist's Rock

But we got rewarded with a great view.

Artist's Rock

After this hike, we quickly stopped at Ashley Falls before it started to rain.

Ashley Falls

Oh, and of course, we saw another great Halloween decoration today! 🙂

Halloween decoration # 2

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